31 May 2017

I’m intriguted to know where Humans are going. While traveling or commuting, we spent lot of time on our smartphone and social medias. What is the point? Showing off our incredible adventure? when we spent more time doing dishes1, escape our boring everyday life? This topic is definitely worth a blogpost on its own.

On a lighter note, I’m following closely React and obscessed with why are my components re-rendering themselves? does my code perfom well? You can read more about React-only optimizations, a big surprise for this article is to NOT use arrow-bind function as props. And then extent to other optimizations and performance tracking techniques such as how to use chrome dev tools, and redux (which I like a lot even if it can be cumbersome at times) and Mapbox wrote a good explanation about how to handle redux in large web apps.

Still a little bit about performances, but now at a lower level than Javascript, an explanation about CPU Usage and why it is wrong. Or on other dimension, I’m always on the lookup to optimize my workflow, thus improving my vim skills with tabs.

And to finish with a touch of humor, presidential French elections happened this month, Macron won. This is the main reason or at least the one I think it is.


  1. But there are roughly twice as many tweets reporting golfing as there are tweets reporting doing the dishes.” –