bost: jekyll helper

29 January 2016

I started this not very active blog about a year and a half ago. As lot of my projects and blogposts, it’s about solving a problem that’s bothering me.

This time, it’s jekyll, the very own system that runs this blog. Each blogpost needs a title, a permalink/slug and tags. For example, this blogpost header looks like this:

    layout: post
    title: "bost: jekyll helper"
    permalink: bost-jekyll-helper

and the filename includes the date and the slug:

Two pain points:

  • duplicating the slug in the filename and inside the file itself, and usually it’s based on the title itself,
  • opening blogposts from the terminal which means knowing the exact date.

This is a perfect opportunity to try out go. I could have use bash but it’s difficult to handle options. My command will provide at least 2 features:

  • create a file named with the current date and the slug. And also to write the slug and title inside the file.
  • open a blogpost that is the closest to query with $EDITOR.


> bost create "bost: jekyll helper"

> bost open bost

I used codegangsta/cli package, that provides everything I need: subcommands, flags, helps, etc. It’s really well done.

If you are interested to know more about this command, I invite you to visite github repository: